Wednesday, 26th April 2023
09:30-18:00 GMT
30 Euston Square, London UK

Observe Summit 2023

Observe Summit will be back in person, in April 2023. After running virtually last year, we are excited to meet you in person in London. From here you can register your interest to get involved whether that's as an attendee, speaker, or sponsor.

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Have you ever really analysed why some trends go viral, where niches come from or how online communities emerge?

As people spend more time online, it’s our job as social data analysts to fully understand the significance of these online interactions and the impact they have on real-world consumer behaviour.

We need to learn how to decode internet culture.

And this is the theme of this year’s Observe Summit. We’re going to be digging into this topic and exploring the hidden forces driving behavioural change at scale.

We’re currently working on the agenda and confirming the date in April, so register your interest to receive more information when it’s ready.

Join us in London on the 26th April to:

✅ Discover the impact online culture has on your customers’ behaviour.

✅ Learn how to apply cultural insights for strategic decision making across your organisation.

✅ Hear from social data experts as they debate some of the topics shaping internet culture.

✅ Get new perspectives on some of the biggest cultural trends of the last 12 months.

✅ Meet and learn from other professionals using social and internet data in their work. We’re going to be making tickets to this year’s conference available very soon, so register your interest below to make sure you’re the first to know.

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