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This is future thinking research. With social and internet data at its heart.

There's so many ways to think about trends. From keeping up with what’s trending today, to calling out the next viral sensation. Or searching for hidden nuggets in your data heap. But are all these things actually trends? How can you know? And is it possible to predict future trends that your brands can get in on? 

We’ll be covering all this and more at Trends Summit 2024. Think of us as your trend detector. We’ll teach you how to find that diamond in amongst the rubble of online content, and how to USE it to your advantage.

Not only will you get everything you’d expect from a trend event:

  • Real-world examples of trends that have shaped online culture.
  • Case studies from major brands on how they’ve incorporated internet trends.
  • Expert opinions from global trend specialists and futurists.
  • Insights into the technology you can use to identify social media trends.
  • Advice on how to turn trends into actionable insights and assets.

BUT…unlike other trends events, you’ll also*...

  • Learn what a trend actually is and why it’s not what you think it is.
  • Peek behind the curtain and discover the alchemy (aka methodologies) that leading trends agencies use to turn social content into insights.
  • Explore some of the non-trends from the last year and discover why they might be more valuable than viral trends (except for maybe girl math…?)
  • Identify which tech vendors do real trends work and their best fit use cases (so you can invest in the right partners, not the shiny ones with a good sales pitch).
  • Become the next futurist. We’ll teach you how to find those trends that will have a long term impact so you don’t have to waste your time making another TikTok video just because the kids are doing it.

Who are you?

You’ll be in marketing, content, brand or even a social listening pro. You’ll be into social insights, a total enthusiast or just intrigued.
*no experience required

You’ll get to meet other people doing work like you. Our global community are welcoming and very chatty. Theres hundreds of people all over the world here to discuss the ins and outs of social listening in trends forecasting. We bet you’ll make a new friend or two.

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What to Expect

A day of inspiring ideas, smart reflection and straighttalking truths from speakers who are cutting edge and top of their game. We aim to be low on lingo, focus on what helps you with the day to day work and bring the fun.

Get inspired to:

  • Embrace messy humans and find the hidden drivers shifting their tastes.
  • Create content that matters to your audience now.
  • Build new products and services that people will be looking for next.
  • Get ahead of changing tastes, looks, or aesthetics to position your brand and make it relevant in the long run.
  • Fold in culture to keep your people interested, engaged, and advocating for you.
  • Create meaning to the people that matter to your brand.

…And, best of all, you’ll learn tools and methodologies to make this all possible.

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Purchases and Refunds
Yeah, we know virtual events are usually free. Why are we charging? Because everyone has a better time when people show up live. And we know that’s easier if you have some skin in the game, even if it’s just a little.

• You may request a 50% refund if your ticket cancellation request has been received in writing by
27 March 2023 (30 days before the event date).

• Unfortunately, we cannot grant any refunds or credits for cancellations received after
27 March 2023.

• At any point, a substitute may attend in your place. However, the status of the replacement may affect the original fee charged.

• No refunds or credits will be granted for no-shows.

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Are you looking to expand your company's reach, amplify your message, educate the market on the power of trends, or connect with key decision-makers in the social listening space? We have opportunities to partner with innovative companies doing something special. Get in touch with us on how to become a Trends Summit sponsor.

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Why Attend?

Everyone wants to stand out at work, right?! Trends Summit will help to make you the smartest person in the room when it comes to trend spotting and forecasting with social data. Better still, as we have a community vibe, you'll come away with a new network of friends who understand your work. Here's a justification letter to sell Trends Summit to your boss.

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