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Welcome to the Social Intelligence Academy. Courses and certificates on all aspects of analysing social and internet data. Develop your social listening skills and start the journey to become a certified social intelligence professional.

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Social Intelligence Growth Certification

It can be hard to find the right training and support when many people don’t understand your job! We offer the only CPD accredited certification for social intelligence professionals.

Our 14-week course provides you with skills to generate actionable insights from social data.

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7 modules

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14 Teaching Weeks

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22 Live Sessions

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36 Hours CPD Credit

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Customer Testimonials

Michael headshot
Michael Howard
CEO, Nichefire
"I loved the diversity in topics. Each module had some incredibly fascinating insights that we were able to take with us. Not to mention, there was a powerhouse of experts there to guide us through the modules."
Andrea headshot
Andrea Hiranaka
Global Implementation Manager in Social Intelligence Analytics at Ipsos
"The SI Growth Certification provides a complete course covering technology, skills, and knowledge aimed at people wanting to carry out actionable and impactful social intelligence studies or programs."
Ricardo headshot
Ricardo Gutierrez
General Manager at Exalta Digital
"The SI certification equips you with the strategy, process, and mechanics to take your SI skills to the next level, beyond the tech stack you are using or looking to purchase."
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