[Panel] Analysing Audience Trends: How To Communicate With Customers In A Meaningful Way

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Your audience is not homogenous, and their likes and interests are likely to evolve over time. This means the days of developing static personas or creating communications around basic demographic data are over if you want to win your customers’ attention and keep them engaged. You need to really understand them to communicate with them meaningfully. But how can you do that?

During this panel we will be covering the following topics:

  • Exploring how online communities communities emerge
  • How can brands measure and quantify their relevance with their audiences?
  • How to identify new audiences
  • Understanding your target audience and how to speak to them
  • How do brands adapt their communications as an audience’s mood or values shift?
  • Trendspotting: How to stay ahead of your audience to ensure you stay relevant
Session Details
Kian Bakhtiari
The People
Erin Salisbury
FleishmanHillard TRUE Global Intelligence
Tom Earl