[Panel] Perceptual Attribution: A New Way To Measure The Impact Of Consumer Perception

Session Details

With the demise of cookies and other changes, traditional attribution modeling is dying. What is required is a new approach that measures and deconstructs consumer perceptions and measures the impact of those towards sales. Whilst media and advertising has traditionally played a key role in influencing consumer behaviour, that’s not always the case now. By understanding and deconstructing perceptions through social listening and related data, brands can help address measurement challenges and better inform engagement and spends to drive impact and efficiency.

During this panel we’ll discuss:

  • The challenges facing current traditional attribution approaches
  • The impact consumer perception has on real-world behaviours
  • How analysing the perception of your brand can help you make better decisions around marketing and communications
  • What are the factors that shape audience perception? Can brands influence this in any way?
  • Exploring brands who have been affected – positively or negatively – by changing consumer perception
  • Without measuring mentions in the media or views of an ad, is there a way to measure attribution due to changing consumer perception?
Session Details
Brad Taylor
Rodrigo Milanez
Consumer Insights PVH Europe
Mark Thorpe
Truth Consulting
Dr Jillian Ney
The Social Intelligence Lab