May 29, 2023

12 Social Listening, Analytics and Other Digital Consumer Insights Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard of Before [December 2019 Edition]

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May 29, 2023 7:15 AM
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May 29, 2023 7:15 AM

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the social listening, analytics and other digital insight tools we’ve just found out about over the last six months.

We’re covering emerging social listening and analytics platforms, TikTok analytics software, product review analysis technology, social asking tools, context-driven hashtag tools, an AI-powered consumer voice analysis technology, an audience intelligence platform, and a linguistic analysis AI called Bob. If you’re looking to compare a wider range of different social data technologies and services, you can do that with our social intelligence matchmaking network here.

Social Listening and Analytics Tools

The ‘social listening’ sector is a crowded marketplace with many well-established players, but we continue to see new entrants into the market, many coming from regional players with good local success that now have plans for global expansion.


Although they have been working in the Spanish region for a long time, we’ve only recently come to know the social intelligence platform Websays.  The company has been making strides in Spain working with brands including Accor Hotels,, Populi Communicaiones, and Udon.

The technology focuses on the analysis of social data and other brand owned structured and unstructured data sources including, satisfaction surveys, focus groups or interview results, customer CRM, help desk inquiries, corporate email – or basically any other text-based voice of the customer source you have.

If you’ve been looking for an enterprise-level social intelligence technology that combines data, personalized dashboards and a dedicated analyst then Websays could be the one you’ve been looking for. For teams new to social listening and short on an experienced team the dedicated analyst is certainly attractive, especially when they still compete on price with other enterprise-level alternatives.

Pricing: The Basic plan has up to 10,000 mentions at €300 for a 12-month plan; Bronze plan for up to 25,000 mentions for €600 for a 12-month plan; Silver plan for up to 75,000 mentions at €1,000 per month for a 12-month plan; Gold plan for up to 250,000 mentions for €2,000 per month for a 12-month plan; and the Titanium with up to a million mentions for €3,000 per month for a 12-month plan.

Get More Information: Websays Website and Websays Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.


YouScan is a social media monitoring and analytics solution. The company was established in 2009 as a regional player in the CIS market, and are now successfully pursuing global ambitions. They offer monitoring services and analytics for written and visual brand mentions on social media, blogs, forums, reviews, and news sites. Clients include Nestle, Coca-cola, McDonalds, L’Oreal and Google.


YouScan was recently recognized as a category winner for visual listening in the Martech Challenges social listening edition. They also placed first in the volume and quality of Russian language social media in the same Martech Challenges competition. The company interestingly builds their own classifiers and has AI capabilities. Their AI ability was recently recognized by Gartner in the November edition of “Cool Vendor”.

Pricing: There’s four tiers to the YouScan pricing with the Standard package tracking 5 topics at 100k mentions for €1,000 per month (3-month commitment); Pro package tracking 5 topics at 1m mentions for €1,500 per month; Insight package tracking 5 topics at 10m mentions for €3,000 per month, and the Ultra package tracking 5 topics at 100m mentions for €5,000 per month. You can increase the number of topics tracked in each package for an additional fee.

Get More Information: YouScan Website and YouScan Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.


Sotrender is an all-in-one social media analytics platform hailing from Poland and rolling out their global expansion. The platform offers analytics to help you optimize social content and measure impact; reporting; benchmarking to track competitor performance and activity; tips to help you make smarter data-driven decisions; and, the ability to use the tool as a content moderation platform for Facebook. Sotrender provides Facebook, Instagram (including Stories), YouTube and Twitter analytics and reporting.

Sotrender is really competitively priced for the SME market at $20 per month to track 1 social media profile. For each profile, you’ll receive access to analytics and unlimited customizable reporting. Access to historical social media data depends on the package and varies from 90 days in basic and medium packages, through 180 days in the advanced package and 360 days in professional.

Pricing: The basic package tracks 1 social media profile for only $20 per month; medium tracks 2 profiles for $25 per month; advanced has 5 profile tracking spaces for $60 per month; and the professional package has space to track up to 10 profiles for $115 per month (excluding VAT if applicable). Additionally, Sotrender users can extend their package and add moderation – the price varies from $15 to $30 depending on the package.

Get More Information: Sotrender Website and Sotrender Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.


Visibrain is a social media monitoring solution, created in 2011 in France. The platform helps global brands to protect their online reputation. Visibrain sends alerts as soon as there is any abnormal activity about a brand, their key employees of stakeholders on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and online press in real-time.

Visibrain works with brands like Volo, Carrefour, Societe Generale, the French government, and agencies including Havas, TBWA, and Dentsu Aegis Network.

Pricing: From €1,200 per month

Get More Information: Visibrain Website and Visibrain Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

AI-Powered Text Analysis

Sometimes you need a little more power for your text analysis than what’s available in your social listening technology. Step in the specialized ai-powered text analysis providers, here’s Converseon.

Conversus from Converseon

The Conversus platform was named 2019 AI Breakthrough Award winner for best NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. It offers you pre-built industry-based expert assisted machine learning models. There are 100+ high-performance expert models, prebuilt by industry, ready for immediate use and deployment within Brandwatch and many other leading listening, business intelligence and customer feedback platforms.

What can you use the models for? Well, uses include brand tracking, customer satisfaction (social NPS), customer care, customer experience, and brand trust. Conversus also publish the models’ measurement metrics, such as K scores and F1 (precision and recall) scores, that detail how each model is performing.

You can get custom models built specifically to your brand’s definition and needs, these include brand attributes, brand relevancy, and other specific frameworks; the Social Trust Index (SoTI) the first solution to quantitatively and comparatively measure your “brand trust” and “social responsibility” in the social media #FakeNews era; and predictive insights that leverage AI-powered language analysis together with advanced analytics to predict the future.

Pricing: Pricing for pre-built and custom models start at $1,000 for one model, with pricing efficiencies starting at 5 models.

Get More Information: Converseon.AI Website and Converseon.AI Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

TikTok Analytics Tools

TikTok exploded this year, our community contributor Liz Gross from Campus Sonar even wrote us an article on how to use TikTok for social listening. While TikTok has released their own native analytics function for Pro users, we’ve found an independent vendor that takes the analytics a little further. Let us introduce you to Pentos.


Pentos is a new TikTok analytics tool, in fact, the only independent TikTok analytics tool we could find at the time of writing this post. There’s currently no public TikTok API meaning there is a lack of ability to display insights about public accounts. However, the team at Pentos has a solution to leverage publicly available profile data to display insights on TikTok accounts. You can currently analyze the performance of other TikTik accounts (something their native analytics does not), as well as get insights on trending hashtags.

With a free Pentos account you can track up to three accounts, and you’ll get access to historic profile data immediately, this includes:

● The average engagement rate for the profile.
● Total hearts.
● Total number of videos posted.
● Average likes.
● Average comments.
● Total number of accounts the profile follows.

For additional functionality and hashtag analytics, you need to upgrade to a paid account, prices start at €29. With paid accounts you get access to insights about hashtag challenges and trends including:

  1. Average hashtag engagement rate
  2. Total views of the hashtag content
  3. Total number of posts
  4. Average likes

● Average hashtag engagement rate.
● Total views of the hashtag content.
● Total number of posts.
● Average likes.

Pricing: Free, €29 per month for a growth account, and €99 per month for a PRO account.

Get More Information: Pentos Website and Pentos Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

Consumer Product Review Tools

A lot of our FMCG / CPG members have been having trouble getting a solution that helps them to analyze product reviews in a meaningful way – maybe you’ve been having the same issues. Luckily, there’s a new vendor on the block, SentiGeek analyses customer reviews in a way that is useful for brands.


SentiGeek specializes in the analysis of customer reviews and online feedback about brands, products, services, and their features. The hybrid AI-powered platform integrates and analyses feedback (product reviews, help desk comments, archived material etc.) to generate ready-to-use and industry-specific insights. The insights are said to help companies reduce costs and increase revenues, and can be used for both smart data (small volumes) and large data sets.

SentiGeek: A part of the Distribution channels/Retailers Section showing insights into Returns per distributor/retailer as well as the product aspects with negative opinions in the reviews mentioning the product returns.

Main features of the SentiGeek include:

● Context-driven analysis which understands the context and nuances of reviews.
● Platform customization to different industries e.g. hospitality, retail, energy etc.
● Granual sentiment/opinion analysis through thirteen layers of sentiment.
● Customer personas based on demographics and other industry-specific segments.
● Average comments.
● Comparison of products and services in terms of features and other parameters, and competitor analysis.

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on volumes and analysis needs.

Get More Information: SentiGeek Website and SentiGeek Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

Social Asking Tools

While the other tools covered in this article work on passive data collection, social asking tools allow you to harness the power of social media audiences in order to conduct consumer research and feedback by asking real people specific questions.

At The Social Intelligence Lab, we see social asking as an accompaniment to social intelligence activities and part of the wider Digital Consumer Intelligence trend. Social asking not only lets you engage audiences and generate consumer insight, but also helps you to build engaged communities. This will require coordinated efforts between marketing/social and insight teams. Let us introduce you to Qutee and Cheetah Experiences.


Qutee is a social asking platform that allows you to ask questions to your CRM or social audiences in an engaging and transparent way.  You can gather responses about topics you care about and collect additional opinions via Q gauge, polls, and comments with intent polling. What’s interesting with Qutee is that your audiences’ can see the other comments left and re-engage with them too.   Qutee, a social asking platform, combines intelligent discussion, research, and analytics on a single easy-to-use platform

The Qutee platform uses natural language processing to create auto-generated reports that give you insight into the discussion comments. The Qutee team says this is like creating super-sized focus groups.

Pricing: Starter package is free for influencers, charities and open engagements, for this you will get unlimited Qutees, insight reports and hubs. The Pro package is $2,999 per month for this you will benefit from unlimited Qutees, 3 monthly exclusive insights reports, unlimited hubs and dashboard access. There is also a custom plan which is for industrial scale consumer insight and market research.

Get More Information: Qutee Website and Qutee Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

Cheetah Experiences

Cheetah Experiences (previously called Wayin) helps you collect actionable data and preference insights from interactive experiences on every digital channel.

Cheetah Experiences are leading the way with the Zero-Party-Data and First-Party-Data movements. Zero-party-data is collected by connecting directly with consumers and gathering the data, insights, and permissions needed to power personalized marketing across all stages of the customer lifecycle. With Cheetah Experiences you create interactive experiences that offer a value exchange for your customers’ intentions, this provides you with consent data that can be used in consumer insight and also fed back into your marketing technology stack to build more relevant relationships and trigger targeted messaging and personalized experiences.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.

Get More Information: Cheetah Experiences Website and Cheetah Experiences Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

Audience Intelligence

Audience intelligence platforms are different from the traditional social listening platforms, they help you to measure and understand how people interact online to create sub-segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors and other psychographic areas.


SoPRISM is an audience intelligence technology that analyses Facebook and Instagram. The platform helps you to discover real-time insights about your audience through socio-demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data points.

SoPRISM allows you to explore the motivations and behaviors of audiences who have shown and interested in your brand, website visitors, current customers, leads, and particular segments of a population. This data comes from all of the knowledge Facebook, Instagram and Messenger have about their members based on their activities through the platform (e.g. interaction with content/ads, content consumption behaviors) but also from the activities online where there are Facebook plugins or Facebook pixel. You can deep dive into audiences by learning their passions, consumption habits, hobbies, media affinities, technological attitudes, and general interests.

Pricing: Starts at €1,000 per month for a 12-month contract enabling companies to analyze multiple target and benchmark audiences in any market that Facebook has a significant presence. There are also special agency packages with pricing available upon request.

Get More Information: SoPRISM Website and SoPRISM Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

Hashtag Finding Tools

There’s a lot of hashtag finding tools out there to help you find the most relevant hashtags for your social media content, but they’re, not all context-driven. That is until now, let us introduce Northern Light.

Northern Light

Northern Light offers machine learning-powered knowledge management platforms for market research, competitive intelligence, and social analytics. Their new Social Analytics is an AI-based tool for social media analysis for research and planning. Specifically, it helps to identify the best hashtags to use in your social media posts.

Unlike other hashtag finding tools out there, the Northern Light Social Analytics platform has a deeper understanding of context and can automatically identify thousands of closely correlated Twitter keywords, hashtag, and authors. Any hashtag can be instantly analyzed to determine its association with keywords, its sentiment, and authors who have used it and their location, either by the number of posts or the number of viewer impressions those posts generated.

Pricing: Pricing available upon request.

Get More Information: Northern Light Website and Northern Light Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

A Linguistic Analysis Tool Called Bob

Linguistics is a scientific discipline that uses different ways to study human language, cognition, mind, and their relationships. It can be used to understand the different ways audiences talk about subjects, and how they frame brands and purchases in their minds.


Linguabrand is a customer and brand insights consultancy. They position themselves in ‘deep listening’, and have created their own deep-listening robot called Bob. Bob quantifies the deeper psychology of brands in consumer conversation. The technology has a variety of different metrics that help to optimize brand communication in relation to consumers, deeper needs.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request, please note that Bob is not offered as a standalone SaaS product, but part of a consultancy service.

Get More Information: Linguabrand Website and Linguabrand Social Intelligence Matchmaker Profile.

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