May 17, 2023

[Interview] Ryan Young, Talkwalker: As Noise Increases the Ability to Find the Signal Becomes More Important

Date & Time (GMT):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM
Date & Time (EST):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM

Who are you and what are you doing at Demo Day?

My name is Ryan Young and I’m the head of the UK market for Talkwalker. I’ve spent my career in analytics, gathering, analyzing, and presenting data to organizations. I’m an American in Luxembourg, doing my best not to give us all a bad name. I’m at Demo Day to share my passion for finding insights through data, and to show how well Talkwalker answers the need for valid data, well parsed and analyzed, in a modern, insights-driven company.

Who should come to check you out?

Check out my demo if: you like seeing the big picture, you’ve seen analytics platforms and want to know if you’re using a good one, you enjoy dry humor or you need help turning your mountains of data into useful information and insights.

Why is now the time to be investing in social intelligence (and your solution!)?

Social is set to eclipse online news and other forms of mainstream media as the primary source of information in 2020.  CEOs, marketers, opinion makers, pundits, and even heads of state are using online social platforms to amplify their message.  While the data amasses, the noise increases.  While the noise increases, the ability to find the signal becomes more important.  A conversation is always about speaking and listening.  If you’re only doing one of these, you aren’t communicating, you’re only shouting.

What one word sums up your business?


What’s the best use case(s) for your technology?

We focus on three categories of use case: protecting your image and brand, measuring your performance (marketing, PR, social), and promoting your brand or image.

What makes your technology and/or approach unique? What’s your USP?

Talkwalker is 100% in-house tech, built from the ground up by our founder and his data science PhD partners.  We developed our own, proprietary AI software, which drives our image recognition, our data categorization, our sentiment analysis, and our upcoming trend prediction tools.

What's the best thing about working in social intelligence?

It’s in the name.  It’s social. It’s intelligence.  It’s smart, cutting edge, useful, and untried. This is where you meet the people who own the next decade.  This is where you see the future.

Join Ryan for Talkwalker's demo at the Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day, see our full agenda here. Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day is run by The Social Intelligence Lab to help social data professionals see behind the tools and tech, receive expert advice on how to compare and choose technologies, and receive demos in a no pressure sales environment. Join us, for free.

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