May 17, 2023

[Interview] Yuwon Song and Khaleeq Aziz, Symanto: It's about finding insights into motivations and behaviours with psychology AI

Date & Time (GMT):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM
Date & Time (EST):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM

On the 18th of June, we’re showcasing the newest, biggest, and best social intelligence tools, and insider tips on selecting the right social data tech at our first Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day join us, for free!

You’ll find Symanto there demo’ing their psychology AI platform. Ahead of their demo, Luke White shares some insight into what to expect, and how you can start to get granular insights about your audience.

Who are you and what are you doing at demo day?

We are Yuwon and Khaleeq from Symanto. Symanto is a Germany-based AI analytics company specialised in text analytics combined with Psychology. Since the foundation of Symanto 10 years ago, we’ve been developing AI based text algorithms that detect not only topics and sentiment, but also understand human psychology and emotion behind sentiment by using our proprietary text-based profiling technology.

During this demo session, we will walk you through how this technology has changed the way our clients monitor social media, introducing metrics that measure emotional engagement of consumers with brands and how social listening has become a strategic insight tool for Brand Equity monitoring.

Who should come to check you out?

Consumer Insights, Social Media Teams, Brand Strategy, Marketing; anyone who believes that there is so much more to learn and gain from social media data, especially those who want to measure, track and finally demonstrate the real value of social media activities for the brand, should definitely check out this session.

Why is now the time to be investing in social intelligence (and your solution!)?

Brands are spending a large amount of money in social media activities without really measuring the quality-impact of those on the brand. Quantity measures, such as number of followers, fans or likes have been measured already in a systematic way, however barely any brand measures the success of their social media activities against its primary goal: Truly engaging with its customers (and potential customers). There is so much more potential in the way how social media data can be analysed. Especially, when it comes to the analysis of unstructured customer engagement like posts, comments, reviews. We help brands to exploit the potential of it by measuring the true engagement of customers in a systematic way which finally demonstrates and justifies the value and success of social media activities.

What one word sums up your business?

Psychology AI (combining Psychology with AI to emotionally connect with people at scale).

What’s the best use case(s) for your technology?

There are 4 major use cases where are technology is being applied: Customer, Brand, Employee and Survey Insights.

Wherever peoples’ feedback - written or spoken - is available, multi-language, multiple sources. Whenever extracting deeper insights from unstructured data is the major goal, our technology helps to consolidate, analyse and generate meaningful insights from unstructured data.

What makes your technology and/or approach unique? What’s your USP?

It’s definitely the element of Psychology. It might sound a little creepy, but before founding Symanto, I (Khaleeq) used to work as a psychopath profiler. My job was to profile psychopaths based on their language patterns. The way how people structure a sentence, how many words referring to ourselves (“I-words”) we use, how many adjectives or nouns we use, and many other aspects tell us a lot about our motivation and personality type (it’s called Psycholinguistics). Based on this profiling technique, we’ve developed the Psychology AI and we’ve focused on not only understanding what people say, but what their motivation and psychology behind their words. This helps us to deeply understand people, but much more importantly, it helps us to emotionally connect with them the best by using resonating language.

What's the best thing about working in social intelligence?

It is something that is extremely relevant for everyone. We spend so much time online on a daily base. We search for products and read through reviews before making any purchase decisions. And somehow, we love to read comments below a news article, just to see how others think and feel about the matter. Though, the way how social media is being analysed, as mentioned before, has still lots of potentials. Working in social intelligence means to explore and to exploit this potential, to build a structure and to educate about the approach of how to utilise this extremely relevant engagement channel.

Join Yuwon and Khaleeq for Symanto’s demo at the Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day, see our full agenda here. Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day is run by The Social Intelligence Lab to help social data professionals see behind the tools and tech, receive expert advice on how to compare and choose technologies, and receive demos in a no pressure sales environment. Join us, for free.

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