May 17, 2023

Top AI-powered text analytics tools

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May 17, 2023 12:47 PM
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May 17, 2023 12:47 PM

As online activity increases, the volume of data that’s available to be analysed grows. This makes extracting insights from it easier said than done. That’s where AI-powered text analytics tools can help.

What is AI-powered text analytics?

AI-powered text analytics involves using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to work through huge volumes of text data and extract deep, qualitative insights. These can be used to inform business decisions. This type of technology is especially useful for analysing unstructured data in the form of social media posts, surveys, live chat history, and reviews.

Many traditional social listening platforms have the ability to understand quantitative data such as likes and shares. But the technology to fully comprehend text in a way that can inform your business isn’t there. The tools listed in this post specialise in understanding and analysing text data to provide highly robust and useful insights.

Let’s take a look:

D-Tag Analytics


The AI-powered technology from Converseon enables you to extract high-quality social and voice-of-customer data from text analysis. You can use the Machine Learning-as-a-Service platform to develop predictive analysis models and get accurate estimates of how consumers will behave in the future or how the industry will evolve based on current trends.

Converseon is the leading provider of the AutoNLP platform, Conversus. This integrates with many leading social listening platforms including Brandwatch, Linkfluence and Pulsar so that NLP models are automatically and immediately available within those platforms.

Key features:

- See the trends shaping your industry
- Use consumer insights to shape product development
- Analyze your campaign performance based on how your audience responds
- Research a new market to understand motivators and pain points

Converseon platform

D-Tag Analytics

The D-Tag Analytics platform leverages  powerful NLP technology to harvest and analyse massive amounts of online text conversations that are publicly available across multiple channels. This platform can help you understand consumer mindsets and predict behaviors in more than 30 languages.

D-Tag provides deeper insights into what motivates and influences your audience using heat maps, word clouds, trend detection, and sentiment analysis.

Key features:

- Analyze text conversations in 30+ languages
- Sentiment analysis at the document-level and object-level
- Detect and analyze trends relevant to your audience
- Use heat maps and word clouds to see what your audience is talking about

D-Tag Analytics platform


Wordnerds uses a linguistics-first approach to NLP to genuinely understand human language. This allows you to accurately interpret misspellings, colloquialisms, and sarcasm. You can use this platform to group topics based on what customers are talking about – regardless of the vocabulary being used. As such, you can get a clear idea of the issues customers are raising, what trends are impacting the customer experience, and many more.

Wordnerds offer the ability to process large volumes of data from unstructured sources, including social media, surveys, reviews, web chat, and emails. And you can do it in real-time, allowing you to take appropriate and timely action. It also allows you to see what issues are dominating conversations or affecting customer sentiment so you know exactly what matters to your audience.

Key features:

- Monitor conversations in real-time
- Aggregate data from multiple channels and monitor it in one place
- Understand the discussions around the topics that matter to you
- Find out how you compare to other brands in the same space

Wordnerds platform

Finding the right tool for your business

From platforms that allow you to build your own machine learning models to ones that can easily extract real-time insights from conversational data – there are plenty of great tools in the market for analysing unstructured text data.

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