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Antoine Khaitrine



Winner 2024

Antoine Khaitrine

What is your job title? How do you use social listening in your work?

I co-founded Licter with Adrien Krebs in 2022, and we’ve been growing the company since then. It is a Social Data Intelligence agency which uses social listening and audience intelligence to help companies fully understand their customers. We use a combination of social listening tools, our scripts and audience intelligence tools to forecast trends and help companies keep track of public opinion regarding their products. 

What’s your background? How did you get into social listening?

In 2019, I graduated from the EDHEC Business School with an MSc in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation, which taught me to analyze social media to improve organizations’ marketing strategies. Shortly after, I started working for the French presidency at the Elysee palace, where I launched the data and analysis unit with Adrien. After 2 insightful years advising the president, we decided to apply our expertise for private entities and started Licter. 

What’s been the project you’ve been most proud to work on?

A few months ago, we helped a well-known luxury group identify an affinity group, which led to the creation of a new brand. We were involved throughout the entire process, which obviously required hard work but made us proud. 

What’s the biggest misconception about your work?

I often hear some observers claim that we only understand internet trends and cannot take part in business decisions. They underestimate our ability to transform the insights we collect with our tools into clear and actionable recommendations for marketing departments to apply. Those who trust us end up not regretting it, as shown in my previous answer. 

Any nightmare clients? Why? (No names)

It can be frustrating to work with companies that understand the impact of social media but don’t want to take action. Some feel like it’s just not for them, and don’t want to base their decisions on social data intelligence.  We don’t really blame them as we all have different understanding processes, it can take time to fully grasp how it can impact their performances. 

Is there anything that you’re doing with social data that you don’t see others doing? Any missed opportunities?

I feel like what social intelligence professionals don’t do enough is link affinity pockets to digital ambassadors and voices on social media platforms. This is extremely useful for brands as it can end up in a partnership with the right figure, which always enhances their performances. 

Who has made a lasting impression on you? Any SI heroes?

We’ve got a few in France, those on top of my head would be Mathieu Jacomy from Sciences Po’s médialab, and David Chavalarias, a mathematician who works for the CNRS.

I’m also thinking about Clement Levallois, that we had the pleasure of hosting on one of our podcasts. 

How do you think the social intelligence industry will evolve in the next few years? 

I foresee the social intelligence industry evolving into an integration of AI-driven analytics and predictive modeling. A shift towards more sophisticated sentiment analysis techniques will enable businesses to improve their understanding of trends and anticipate future behaviors. I also believe and hope that there will be a strong focus on developing transparent and ethical frameworks for data collection and analysis, to ensure that insights are collected responsibly.

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