DEMO: Transform Conversation Data Into Decision Intelligence with Converseon

Session Details

In this Live Demo, we are joined by Converseon who will share more on how they can help you predict brand outcomes using internet data.

At Converseon, we transform critical social and conversation data into decision intelligence. Today, measuring brand relevance and reputation in our polarized, value focused world requires new approaches and technologies.

In this session, Converseon will present Conversus.AI™, the leading “no code” NLP platform, and its sister product, PRIS. Through these solutions, we will review how combining streams of social and conversation data, custom natural language processing and advanced analytics is helping brands assess, diagnose, and predict the value of their brand reputation and relevance for a world where “even real time is not always fast enough”. This session will provide specifics of how traditional social listening has evolved into true enterprise “decision intelligence.”

*About Converseon: Converseon transforms essential social & conversation data into critical decision intelligence. At Converseon, we combine an applied AI approach to provide custom Natural Language Processing + advanced analytics + deep human expertise that provides game changing data classification and predictive insights to drive critical business decisions.


Ben Sigerson
Brad Taylor