DEMO: Weak Signals – How to detect them and to better anticipate trends

Session Details

In this Live Demo, we are joined by Bloom who will share more on how they can help you understand the vast and the weak signals in social data.

Demo from Bloom, please check back for updates.

*About Bloom: Bloom is a unique AI trend forecasting platform dedicated to qualitative, predictive and strategic analysis of social media. Based on the innovative concept of social and semantic inference, Bloom can analyze 10 to 100 times more relevant information on social media than the Social Listening platforms on the market, in order to identify communities and quickly detect both strong and weak signals. Certified by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Bloom is a scalable and customizable tool that evolves at the pace of social media innovations and optimizes the process of deciphering and anticipating social phenomena for brands.

Bloom was created in 2017 in France and has 40 employees in France and Switzerland


Jean-Matthieu Tilquin
CoDir Member