ENGAGE: Expo and Video Lounges

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It’s time to get networking!

There’s various ways you can network with our partners, experts, and your peers.

Take a look at the expo hall, Demo Day 2022 is filled with new solutions, get to know them better or request a private demo over at the expo.

Join a video lounge, the video lounges are more intimate settings where you can join the conversation (or just listen in). We’ve a whole host of topics being covered by industry experts.

Network with other attendees at the event and even join a private video call.

Video Lounge Sessions Running

Forget sentiment analysis, use the Blackbird.AI Signals Framework to measure five key consumer change indicators

Though Sentiment and Emotional analysis have long-established frameworks for understanding tonality and behavior shifts in datasets, what if there could be something better? The Blackbird.AI Signals Framework looks at five key indications that drive change focused on Narratives, Networks, Cohorts, Influence and Anomalous behavior. In this session led by Jim Reynolds how the framework drives actionable insights as well as how it can be embedded in your platform via our RISK Engine.

Who Started BookTok? The Power of TikTok Trends

TikTok data is one of the most commonly asked for data sources, but little is known about how we can use TikTok data in social insights. In this video lounge, you will Join Listen + Learn Research and Viral Moment as they discuss how to analyse TikTok data for trends and insights. We’ll look at who started to BookTok trend and how your brand can benefit from analysing TikTok data.


Jim Reynolds
Blackbird AI