LIGHTNING DEMO: Analysing text data with custom taxonomies using Codeit

Session Details

In this Lightning Demo, we are joined by Codeit who will show how their software can help you analyse text data by building custom taxonomies.

Codeit helps users analyse text data through a unique blend of human tagging, text analytics and machine learning. It provides cutting-edge tools to build detailed, granular taxonomies that can be applied to text data for custom or bespoke analysis.

In this session Codeit will walk through the process of ingesting data, generating a taxonomy, tagging and applying machine learning.

They will also show how, once developed, the taxonomy can be re-used on subsequent projects and data. If you’re downloading data from your social listening tools and looking to create meaningful taxonomies or segmentation for your social data join the session to find out how we can make your process faster than spreadsheet or manual analysis.


Tim Brandwood