LIGHTNING DEMO: Identify the Impact of Cultural Trends on Your Business – Before They Happen – Nichefire

Session Details

In this Lightning Demo, we are joined by Nichefire who will share more on how they can help you identify the Impact of Cultural Trends on Your Business – Before they happen.

Today’s brands need to be proactive and prepared – for rapid changes in political, economic, and consumer trends and for uncharted waters. Unfortunately, these trends are extremely subjective and hard to accurately forecast with only quantitative variables. TrendFire’s TM patent-pending trend predicion and evaluation system uses cutting-edge AI to marry qualitative data with quantitative data to backtest and accurately predict trends over 40 cultural categories over 6 months into the future.

*About Nichfire: Our objective is to solve granular business questions with the power of social data – and to prove that this data can be useful across numerous functions outside of marketing. We specialize in building bespoke, in-house social intelligence solutions for our clients. Using the latest methodologies in AI to empower our “HI” (human intelligence), we provide strategic insights and recommendations to highly competitive enterprise businesses – in industries such as finance, insurance, and CPG. Our core competencies are in competitive intelligence and netonographic research. We use our own AI, technology, and data streams to build bespoke social intelligence solutions – such as recommendations, custom dashboards, and reporting – that are directed at specific business questions.


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