LIGHTNING DEMO: Narrative deep listening: Fixing the blindspots in text and social media analysis with Phrasia

Session Details

In this Lightning Demo, we are joined by Phrasia who will share more about predicting outcomes by analysing social data.

Narrative deep listening: A transformative approach to text and social media analysis*

About Phrasia:

Phrasia deploys proprietary, AI-based narrative analytics to help companies make informed decisions. Language is flowing in and around your company every day, through media, social media, your slack channel, 360 feedback, and conversations with customers, employees, and stakeholders. Unlike behavioural data, language is rich with the earliest indicators of future performance. Narrative analytics means you can now process that language as data, for stronger and faster insight, better predictive modelling, smarter decisions, and accelerated capability for companies and the people in them. Narrative analytics is a revolution that is transforming what it means to be data driven.


Jeff Bradley