PANEL: Beyond the mainstream: How to get quality insights from niche groups

Session Details

A major concern among social intelligence professionals is data access. Many rely on mainstream social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – who have the power to revoke access at any point. In addition, a number of other major social networks (e.g., LinkedIn, TikTok) don’t currently share data with social listening tools.

However, there are so many other sources of social data, especially from niche groups and online forums, that can give much richer insights about your customers if used the right way.

Join this session to:

⦿ Learn how to find niche data sources for your target audience
⦿ Find the right questions to ask to get the most from the data source
⦿ Understand how to extract insights without social listening tools using manual analysis
⦿ Discover how to incorporate these insights with insights from other data sources


Frank Gregory
Nand Kishore Poddar
Imre Nyaka