Social Intelligence Growth Certification

It can be hard to find the right training and support when many people don’t understand your job!

We offer the only CPD accredited certification for social intelligence professionals. Our 14-week course provides you with skills to generate actionable insights from social data.

Our next cohort starts in April 2024. Places are limited, apply today.

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A Seat at the Table for Social Intelligence

Past students have told us that working in social listening can often be a lonely and misunderstood job – not everyone gets what you do or where social data can support their work.

As a professional, you know that there’s more value from the data than you’re currently getting but you need a way to educate the rest of the organisation and access proven best practices to build your business case.

The Social Intelligence Growth Certification helps you move beyond churning out endless reports to finding a seat at the table and advancing the value of social and internet data for your company in a proven and scalable way.

By sitting the course you’ll demonstrate your professional knowledge with a globally recognised certification from the CPD Standards Office.

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By the end of the certification you will be able to:

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    Build a professional practice

    Confidently build a professional practice for social listening with an understanding of best practices and industry standards.

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    Run successful projects

    Run successful projects by creating a "project engine" that scopes and defines projects, the limitations, and benefits.

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    Run faster projects

    Run faster projects that produce deeper insights by knowing which data sources are useful for your most common projects and use cases.

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    Know the right tools

    Know how to select the right tools and technology for your company's specific needs.

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    Develop a framework

    Develop a repeatable, scalable framework to help you generate deep and human-centred insights from social data.

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    Manage brand reputation

    Manage your brand reputation in real-time by developing a social brand tracker.

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    Manage brand reputation

    Manage your brand reputation in real-time by developing a social brand tracker.

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    Improve brand awareness

    Improve engagement and brand awareness by developing content your audience loves from data driven audience personas.

Learn Through Doing

We’ve created the perfect blend of self-service content to learn at your own pace and LIVE sessions to maximize your learning and skills. Each module is run over two weeks to make sure you have enough time for your day job and the space to develop with us.

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Access bite-size 15 Minute Lectures

Each module has 4x 15-minute lecture videos. Watch them at your own pace to get a background on the subject.    

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Live Lab Workshops

Each module has a 2 hour Live Lab to apply and hone your skills in a safe, judgement-free environment to experiment and learn.

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Group  Meetings

Your chance to bring in a challenge or opportunity you’re working on to get advice and support from the rest of the group.

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Office  Hours

Each module has 4x 15-minute lecture videos. Watch them at your own pace to get a background on the subject.

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Expert Guest Speakers

Each module has a 2 hour Live Lab to apply and hone your skills in a safe, judgement-free environment to experiment and learn.

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Exclusive Self-Service Content

Your chance to bring in a challenge or opportunity you’re working on to get advice and support from the rest of the group.

Course creator and course leader Dr Jillian Ney

Dr Jillian Ney is the UK’s first Dr of Social Media & Digital Anthropologist. She is the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab, the largest community of social data professionals.

Jillian is the social intelligence industries spokesperson and biggest fan. Her aim is to advance the value of social and internet data as a source of insight. Her mission is to build social intelligence as a recognised discipline and help all businesses benefit from insights from digital conversations and internet data.

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Learn Through Doing

We’ve created the perfect blend of self-service content to learn at your own pace and LIVE sessions to maximize your learning and skills. Each module is run over two weeks to make sure you have enough time for your day job and the space to develop with us.

Duncan Fergusson
Director, Social Intelligence Analytics at IPSOS

Duncan is the Director of Social Intelligence Analytics at Ipsos in London. He had 20 years of international marketing insight experience. At Ipsos, he helps to drive the successful growth of social intelligence analytics, drawing on strong research and marketing skill-set and a passion for the new opportunities that social data can bring.

Martin Miliev
Head of Social Intelligence at Publicis Groupe Bulgaria

Martin is head of social intelligence at Publicis Groupe Bulgaria where he oversees the social media intelligence projects of Publicis Groupe. This includes executing social media analysis projects from inception to delivery (research methodology design, content harvesting, content analysis, report writing & presentation), as well as input on technology purchases, and other communication consulting.

Jeremy Hollow
MD of Listen + Learn Research

Jeremy is the founder and MD of Listen + Learn Research. He started Listen + Learn with a simple goal – to help brands connect with people. He works with brands to help them find and understand the people that matter to them. So that they can then create the right experiences, engage new audiences, and appeal to people in the right way. Jeremy is an advocate for deep human led analysis of social data.

Nick Watson
Global Innovative Lead: Brand Health Tracking at IPSOS

Nick is the Global Innovate Lead: Brand Health Tracking at Ipsos UK. He has vast experience in the media content and technology sector. He's skilled at developing and delivering scalable, best in class research solutions across all types of methodologies to suit individual client needs. Nick is responsible for brand tracking studies - pulling together actionable insights for individual markets to help inform marketing decisions.

Adrienne Barnes
JTBD Personas and User Research

Adrienne is on a mission to change the way businesses use buyer personas. She helps her clients answer the internal questions you have about your customers, users, or buyers. She helps businesses to learn who their buyers are, how they behave, and why they behave the way they do.

Caroline Florence
Data Storyteller at Insight Narrator

Caroline is a trainer, coach, and consultant helping business professionals communicating with data. She works with teams who have to communicate data as part of their role and helps them to shift their reports from information overload to compelling commercial stories that lead to action. She has worked with thousands of global teams to help them tell better stories with data.

Guest Speakers

At least one guest speaker is invited to speak during each module to bring theory to life and give you an inside look at how social data is being used in their company.

David Boyle
CEO of Audience Strategies
Dr Rachel Lawes
Consumer Psychologist
Sathya Aasaithambi
Senior Manager at Novartis
Franky Saegerman
Digital Analyst at NATO
Angela Berger
Director of Insight and Analytics at Walmart
Ash Tapia
Data Partnerships & Tool Stack at Unilever
Nayeli Tusche
Director, BEI at Spiegel Institute
David Encizo
VP of Marketing Technology at Wells Fargo

Customer Testimonials

Michael headshot
Michael Howard
CEO, Nichefire
"I loved the diversity in topics. Each module had some incredibly fascinating insights that we were able to take with us. Not to mention, there was a powerhouse of experts there to guide us through the modules."
Andrea headshot
Andrea Hiranaka
Global Implementation Manager in Social Intelligence Analytics at Ipsos
"The SI Growth Certification provides a complete course covering technology, skills, and knowledge aimed at people wanting to carry out actionable and impactful social intelligence studies or programs."
Ricardo headshot
Ricardo Gutierrez
General Manager at Exalta Digital
"The SI certification equips you with the strategy, process, and mechanics to take your SI skills to the next level, beyond the tech stack you are using or looking to purchase."

Certification Modules

Check out our latest resources including white papers, downloads, case studies, research and more

Module 1
Social Intelligence Project Design

Module One is all about understanding what social intelligence is, mapping where you are on your social intelligence journey, understanding more about what is possible, and setting your projects up for success. We'll walk you through our social intelligence maturity model, introduce you to what good research design for social intelligence projects looks like (you may be surprised), and give you a repeatable system to get buy-in and plan successful projects.

  • Map your current social intelligence maturity and capabilities
  • Understand good research design for social intelligence projects.
  • Create a process for getting stakeholder buy-in.
  • Develop a system to ensure project success with our proprietary Social Intelligence Project Canvas.
Module 2
Social Data Sources & Integration

During Module Two, we will explore social data sources, their characteristics, and the types of insights you can find. We'll also explore the integration and triangulation of social data with other data sources. These sources may range from survey data to internal commercial metrics and from huge quantitative databases to individual customer quotes or observations. Together, we will learn how social insight professionals can best navigate this evolving data landscape.

  • Understand the importance of storytelling through data integration – what you’ll be missing without it.
  • Identify key data sources to consider in any project, and how to run a data audit to determine their suitability for your use case.
  • Explore different practical approaches for data integration – from synchronizing quantitative data to qualitatively analysing in parallel.
  • Devise an action plan to collate, structure, and integrate Social Data with other data – what this looks like in practice.
Module 3
Social Intelligence Tools & Technology

Module Three explores the world of tools and tech, we'll outline the different types of social data analysis technologies on the market and we'll dive into how to compare technologies during RFPs. We will explore the different types of AI and where humans play a role in social intelligence. Hear from our module leaders on their experiences assessing and using social data analysis technologies and how they ensure they have the best tech for each project.

  • Understand the different approaches to social media intelligence - from unsupervised AI to fully qualitative analysis.
  • Distinguish between the different types of tech and tools that help you analyze social data and know when you need one tool over another.
  • Learn how to identify the right goals and objectives based on your social intelligence strategy.
  • Have a proven approach to assessing which tool is right for your needs with an RFP assessment framework developed by our experts.
Module 4
Social Intelligence in Consumer Behaviour

Module Four is all about developing processes and frameworks to allow you to go deeper into social data analysis. We'll explore how we can use social data to understand "why" people think, feel and act the way they do. Getting to “why” needs a different set of skills as insights won’t just jump out of a dashboard. In this module, we’re going to give you the inspiration, knowledge, and capabilities you need to add this more human side, to your Social Intelligence skill set. We’ll show you how to access it, what it means, and how to use it to create value for your business.

  • Understand the deeper, human side of social; why people think, feel, and act the way they do.
  • Work across your organization to improve strategy, product development, customer service and power their creative output.
  • Develop your capability to create human insight from social data.
  • Use powerful case studies to prove the ROI and secure stakeholder buy-in.
Module 5
Social Intelligence in Brand Health Tracking

Module Five delves into brand health tracking using social data. We find that the organizations that have heavily invested in social intelligence have done so because it has helped them move through a brand crisis, making brand health tracking one of the most common use cases. This module looks at social intelligence brand tracking, the different approaches, how they can be standalone or integrate with other brand reputation management efforts, and what the path to social intelligence maturity looks like.

  • Learn different approaches to query building based on your specific objectives, such as simple brand listening or ‘intelligent’ queries that link back to established brand attributes or values.
  • Understand different social and search metrics that you may consider when analysing brand health.
  • Consider the distinct roles of earned vs owned content
  • Learn when it may be appropriate to look beyond just brand mentions, and explore wider category conversations for added context and richer insights.
  • Explore how your query setup and analysis approach will vary depending on whether you are running an ad-hoc analysis or ongoing tracking.
  • Setup and run your own mini brand health project and report key findings.
Module 6
Social Intelligence in Marketing Strategy

Module Six explores the world of audience analysis and how audience insights can create more compelling campaigns and creative. Often referred to as data-driven storytelling, this module will explore different techniques, approaches, and methodologies where data can be used to find market white space. From editorial, content strategy, and narrative creation to building audience personas, paid segmentation, and media relations, data can be extremely actionable and yield exponential results.

  • Build real, data-driven audience personas.
  • Understand why those high-impact publications are writing about your competitors on a daily and not you.
  • Understand how your narrative is being perceived by one audience versus another group against others.
  • Identify white space in the market in case you need to pivot your narrative or change your engagement strategy.
  • Identify industry influencers.
Module 7
Data-Driven Storytelling

Module Seven is all about storytelling. The difference between insights that stick and spread throughout the organization and just another interesting piece of information has rarely anything to do with the quality of the insight itself, but the quality of how it is communicated. That is why it is imperative as insights professionals that we build our capabilities in storytelling. Building effective stories from data that engage audiences, motivate decision-makers, and mobilize action takers is possible - with the right roadmap, ways of working, and blueprints that this module provides.

  • Build processes and ways of working to tell compelling stories - you’ll get what you need to do differently to make it happen and gain efficiency.
  • Turn thousands of data points and observations into a story using a narrative structure.
  • Create stories from multiple sources for greater impact with stakeholders.
  • Align insights to metrics that matter to create stories that gain traction because the story aligns to what your audience cares about.
  • How to storyboard your presentations and reports to ensure the story doesn’t get lost in all the supplementary detail.

Apply to Join

  • Access to lecture content
  • Access to labs and feedback sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Special guests
  • Practical development of your social intelligence function
  • Access private alumni group
  • Access to social data technologies

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Check out our latest resources including white papers, downloads, case studies, research and more

Who is the course for?

The certification has been designed for those professionals responsible for social listening in their organisation or those who are building a team or social listening centre of excellence. Although anyone with over six months experience in using social data as all, or part of their job woud benefit from the course. Including professionals from marketing, research, insights, product development and PR.

How long is the course

The course has 7 modules that run over 14 weeks. Most of the content live to ensure everyone gets a chance to work directly with the experts. Each module has one contact week where you attend live sessions, and one implementation week. The next course will start in April 2024.

Do I need a social intelligence department to do this?

No - the course will work for you if you are a professional using social data in your work.

Do I need a social intelligence project to work with?

No - there will be set tasks and places to insert your own business contexts to put your skills into practice but you can start from scratch. Then we get them to put it in practice in their company but they don’t need to have existing projects.

Got any questions?

Contact us if you would like to learn more and one of our team will be able to help you.

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