[Presentation] Unpacking Cultural Nuance In Uncertain Times

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Over the last six years, societies and companies have faced significant uncertainty, starting with Brexit, followed by the U.S. presidential election, China-U.S. trade tensions, COVID-19 pandemic, and war in Ukraine. For many, these events have brought us to a “new normal” full of global uncertainty and worries. Recent research from Ipsos shows that inflation is the number one concern globally for the 11th month in a row, with 43% across 29 countries choosing it as a top worry. But how are consumers changing their behaviors in the face of inflation? And which countries are faring better than others? Join our presentation at Observe Summit as we explore social data across the globe to learn how different cultures are impacted by global uncertainty, using Ipsos’ Cultural Intelligence Framework and learn:

* How internet users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia define and express the economic impact on their daily lives.

* The demographic groups that show more significant concern about mortgage rates as opposed to grocery expenses, and vice versa.

* The popular approaches to bill payment and savings.

* Why cryptocurrencies are viewed as a retirement savings opportunity.

Our findings will help businesses from various sectors turn turmoil into opportunity by understanding consumer needs and adaptations.

Session Details
Pavel Lebedev
Ipsos Synthesio, UK