Blending traditional research with social intelligence in multi-language corporations

Date & Time (GMT):
June 29, 2023 4:30 PM
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Most social intelligence studies can have an English-centricity bias, so what happens when you're working in a multi-market corporation and need to work across different geographies, languages, and cultures?

There's not a lot of resources and case studies to support your multi-language work - let's fix that! In this special session, we are joined by Capture Intelligence and their client Kimberly-Clark to explore more about the role and value of social data beyond English-centric studies. Join us to find out more about:

✅ How to use social intelligence to complement traditional research.
✅ How to implement social insights in multi-market and multi-language corporations.
✅ Collaboration between internal teams and the agency.

For Kimberly-Clark, they work with Capture Intelligence to produce bespoke reports for seven LATAM markets each month. The insight is used by the R&D department to tweak and improve products. Join the session to gain more understanding of the nuances between markets and strategies to ensure you retain cultural context when it matters most.

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