What role can social data play in market research?

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November 7, 2023 3:00 PM
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New for this year, The Social Intelligence Lab and the newly formed MRS Data Analytics Council are teaming up with the to discuss how social data can play a huge role in market research. Demonstrating how the collection and analysis of the vast amounts of data can produce valuable insights that go on to inform business decisions and strategy.

This event will be chaired by Dr Jillian Ney, Digital Anthropologist and Founder of the Social Intelligence Lab. We will have 2 presentations, followed by a panel session.

Sipping & Symbols: Using Semiotics & Social Data to Decode Evolving Global Aperitif Moments

First up, we will hear how Moët Hennessy sought to understand the shifting cultural narratives and category codes of the Apéritif Moment across FR, DE, IT, UK & US, in order to identify opportunities for innovation, as well as strategic territories for its existing portfolio. Having conducted a full business analysis and qualitative interviews, MH approached Sign Salad – the cultural consultancy specialising in foresight, semiotics and language analysis – to collaborate on this project.

Maria Victoria O'Hana, Project Director at Sign Salad and Adrien Gobeli, Strategic Insights Lead at Moët Hennessy will demonstrate how they combined desk-based research with AI Social Listening (utilising Pulsar) and AI Language Analysis (utilising Relative Insight) to gather cultural materials and social data across markets. Maria Victoria will explain how the analysis and strong supporting story telling led to the creation of new activations across markets and the development of an NPD variant for one of MH’s Maisons.

Augmented Research for Augmented Reality: Using Social Media and AI to Enhance Traditional Techniques to Understand the Potential for AR Glasses

Luxottica (owners of Oakley, RayBan, Sunglass Hut) asked Strive Insight to help them understand the potential for AR glasses. They wanted to harness the depth and breadth of social data as a complement to consumer quantitative and expert qualitative approaches to develop the proposition and validate the potential.

Patrick Collins, Client Director and Giuseppe Tonolini, Director at Strive Insight will detail their journey to identify the right sources and select the right proxies, and how they went on to analyse tens of thousands of consumer social media posts, and how this extensive project eventually led to inspire the initial product development.

Our guests will then be joined by Owen Hanks, CEO & Co- Founder at Measure Protocol and Mariko Suzuki, Senior Insight Analyst at Convosphere to take the conversation further, defining what social listening means to each of us, the sources and processes involved, how the collection aligns with other research methods, the language and cultural differences to be aware of, the role that generative AI can play and of course, the ethical considerations that underpin it all.

This is an in-person event held at MRS HQ in London. To register, please click here.

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