May 17, 2023

[Interview] Treesha Punchoo, Codec: Connecting Brands with Culture to Fuel Growth

Date & Time (GMT):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM
Date & Time (EST):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM

On the 18th of June, we’re showcasing the newest, biggest, and best social intelligence tools, and insider tips on selecting the right social data tech at our first Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day join us, for free!

You’ll find Codec there demo’ing their cultural intelligence platform. Ahead of their demo, Treesha Punchoo shares some insight into what to expect, and how brands can create content that speaks to their audience.

Who are you and what are you doing at Demo Day?

I’m Treesha, from Codec. We’re a cultural intelligence platform – we connect brands to culture to fuel growth, using AI to make sense of mass audiences, by harnessing signals from digital content engagements.

We believe that culture is the key to unlocking growth – with culturally relevant messaging leading to a 276% increase in purchase intent. Our platform enables brands to tap into existing cultural tribes to build more resonant creative and target it to relevant audiences.

Come to see us at Demo Day to understand how you can grow your brand by creating and activating brand strategies that resonate with consumers’ changing passions and interests.

I’ll share a case study of how we worked with Lululemon to transform their content strategy, leading the brand to $2.3 million revenue through recruiting new audiences.

Who should come to check you out?

Insight, brand, strategists, content, media, new product development, social teams and agency partners.

Why is now the time to be investing in social intelligence (and your solution!)?

With the current global pandemic, and aftermath, many truths about our audiences have changed forever. The consumer landscape is evolving rapidly, with an 80% increase in digital behaviours – 10 years of digital transformation in a space of 10 weeks.

Against this backdrop, many traditional methods of understanding consumers are no longer actionable, for example surveys and focus groups.

There is a huge need for objective data to fuel marketing decision-making at pace. Our platform is based on observing hundreds of millions of digital content engagements to understand audiences at pace and at scale through their authentic digital behaviour.

We can boost the impact of your marketing activities by aligning remote teams around a single source of cultural data across the marketing workflow, to inform brand strategy, content creation, and activation in media.

What one word sums up your business?


What’s the best use case(s) for your technology?

Cultural insight can be embedded across the marketing workflow to inform where and how to engage audiences. You can:

1. Segmentation and growth audience discovery.
2. Brand strategy: purpose and positioning.
3. Content and communications strategy.
4. Developing cut-through creative.
5. Cultural contextual targeting in media.

What makes your technology and/or approach unique? What’s your USP?

Our approach is unique – blending human and artificial intelligence to put culture at the heart of brands using objective, real-time data.

Our proprietary AI-driven tech analyses content engagements which go beyond interest or demographic-based segmentation. These insights enable brands to tap into cultural opportunities that already exist and market with the audience, not at them.

This, in turn, strips away the conversation aspect of social listening and delivers real-time insights throughout the marketing process rather than potentially static market research.

What’s the best thing about working in social intelligence?

Genuinely helping brands gain the relevance, authenticity and attention they need in order to grow.

Join Treesha for Codec’s demo at the Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day, see our full agenda here. Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day is run by The Social Intelligence Lab to help social data professionals see behind the tools and tech, receive expert advice on how to compare and choose technologies, and receive demos in a no pressure sales environment. Join us, for free.

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