June 1, 2023

Panel: What's next for social media: How will the platforms evolve?

Date & Time (GMT):
June 1, 2023 9:22 AM
Date & Time (EST):
June 1, 2023 9:22 AM

What’s next for social media: How will the platforms evolve?

Since the emergence of the first social media platforms in the early 2000’s, we’ve seen many come and go. Whilst the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), continue to build on their success, new players – such as TikTok – are still emerging and competing for their share of the audience. As users’ needs evolve, and new generations of digitally native audiences come through, how will these platforms evolve to stay relevant? In this session, we’ll explore:

– How current social media platforms might look in 5+ years’ time
– The potential for new platforms to emerge, and what they might look like
– What new directions social media players could take (e.g. Facebook’s metaverse)
– Whether people’s appetite for connection through online social networks will continue
– How discussions around regulation of Big Tech and data ownership could impact the future of social media platforms

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