June 1, 2023

Unlocking the fanaticism of communities

Date & Time (GMT):
June 1, 2023 10:55 AM
Date & Time (EST):
June 1, 2023 10:55 AM

As social intelligence professionals, we’re constantly analysing social and internet data to better understand our customers, our competitors, and the trends that are shaping the market. But to do this, we can’t just look at the data in isolation. We need to put it in context and examine the humans behind the numbers.

Throughout this six-part webinar series, we’re going to take you through what cultural insights are all about and how you can leverage them in your business. We’re going to provide different perspectives on this topic so whether you’re just discovering social intelligence or you’re an old hand, whether you work in comms, product development, or consumer insights, we’ll be covering all your needs.

Unlocking the fanaticism of communities

As we’ve discussed, cultural insights are all about understanding the humans behind the data. There’s so much that can be learned about people – your customers – by analysing how they behave and interact with each other online. One area that can be leveraged by brands is fandoms. By understanding what drives audiences to commune around a specific idea, you can begin to develop brands and products that generate the same response.

This webinar is for social intelligence professionals who are looking for new ways to understand their audiences more deeply, and for those who have a specific interest in digital anthropology and the ways that it can be incorporated in business strategy.

Join our panelists as they discuss:

• Why are online communities around different niches thriving even as followers of mainstream religions decline?
• How can brands leverage communities to build fans?
• Examples of “cult brands” – what makes them so attractive?
• When fanaticism can go too far: what are the things that brands need to be aware of

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