May 17, 2023

[Vox Pop] Socialgist Announces Exclusive Data Partnership with Quora but What Does that Mean for Social Data Analysts?

Date & Time (GMT):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM
Date & Time (EST):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM

The new Quora API* was announced last month to a resounding ‘yay’ from the social intelligence community. We asked some of our community to tell us why and how they’re currently using Quora data.

Jeremy Hollow, Founder + MD, Listen + Learn Research

“I think it's great that Quora's opening its doors. I've been a keen user for ages. It's a great way to gauge opinions on virtually anything from an engaged and responsive audience.

People don't talk to researchers the way they talk to each other - and Quora is a great place to see what happens when researchers aren't in the room.

I also love looking at the questions people ask. This always tells us so much about how they're trying to interpret social norms and validate their opinions and behaviour.

We often use it at the early stages of a project, to help us scope a topic. It's great for quickly getting a bunch of perspectives, which can help you come up with new ideas and avenues to pursue in your research.

It also helps us get our heads around the linguistic style of a particular topic (i.e. how people talk about it) which can help us get better results from our social data collection.

Really looking forward to being able to access Quora data at scale and to blend this source in with others to get a more rounded picture.”

Tsvetta Kaleynska, Consultant, Rila Global Consulting

I am a huge fan of Quora and always have appreciated the depth of knowledge this platform has. One of the best things about it is that a ton of knowledgeable and experienced professionals are on Quora and it is free to use. It is kind of like a Wikipedia written in discussion/opinion form and very easy to understand.

I started using Quora many years ago when I was still in college and on a student visa in the United States. I needed help understanding how to navigate the transition from student to an H1B work visa and I found multiple resources on Quora written by lawyers. Quora helped me save thousands of dollars in legal fees because it was free to use and incredibly trustworthy.

As a passionate data researcher, I am incredibly excited to get full access to Quora and its rich database. It will undoubtedly be valuable to companies looking for deeper insights and intelligence.


Jackie Cuyvers, CEO, Convosphere

“I use Quora, mainly when looking at reviews or comparison views of apps or software, and less frequently to get more information on a research topic. It's an interesting mix of knowledge and opinions. I find it to be almost like Twitter and a forum combined as the answers are quite detailed, but in nearly every discussion, there are a few sales pitches.

I mostly read the posts and upvote good answers, and have provided answers and links to relevant software solutions when I have commented. I like that the comment I posted in 2015 is still generating engagement and is added to over time.

It provides an interesting source of data to get different viewpoints on topics I'm familiar with and introduces me to new resources and opinions. It's always great to access or analyze data in new ways, so I look forward to seeing how the partnership with Socialgist will allow me to utilize the Quora data in a new way or at greater scale.”

Jess Thomas, CEO, Ten Bear Group

"Quora is a unique data source when you look at its audience. Whilst it is a place for the anyone to gather answers to their questions, it is also a place for experts and professionals to answer them, have key discussions, and provide us with the insight we previously would not have access to. Quora data also allows us to analyse the questions on consumers minds. This gives us the ability to identify knowledge gaps amongst audiences on particular topics, industries or markets. "

*the Quora Data Partnership announcement from Socialgist.

  • Socialgist is the world’s largest data access platform between social media networks and the analytics community. Partnership allows the Quora Public API to integrate directly into enterprise systems. The partnership allows Quora to launch its new Public Data Program for the first time.

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