June 1, 2023

What can AI teach brands about human behaviour

Date & Time (GMT):
June 1, 2023 11:00 AM
Date & Time (EST):
June 1, 2023 11:01 AM

As social intelligence professionals, we’re constantly analysing social and internet data to better understand our customers, our competitors, and the trends that are shaping the market. But to do this, we can’t just look at the data in isolation. We need to put it in context and examine the humans behind the numbers.

Throughout this six-part webinar series, we’re going to take you through what cultural insights are all about and how you can leverage them in your business. We’re going to provide different perspectives on this topic so whether you’re just discovering social intelligence or you’re an old hand, whether you work in comms, product development, or consumer insights, we’ll be covering all your needs.

What can AI teach brands about human behaviour

It’s been hard to ignore AI lately as the world has been wow-ed by OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT. Whilst some are looking at how this AI can help businesses with more practical tasks, such as writing marketing copy or social posts, we’re interested in what it can tell us about human behaviour, and how brands can leverage this insight.

This webinar is perfect for social intelligence professionals and digital anthropologists who are intrigued about how AI and other new technologies can advance our understanding of our audiences.

Join us as we discuss the following questions:

• Tools such as Dall-E and ChatGPT are bringing AI into the mainstream. How is this conversation playing out on the different social media platforms?
• How can AI be used to generate insights?
• Can the responses of this AI give us an insight into human behaviour?
• How will this change people’s approach to creativity going forward?
• Will AI make it easier or harder for trends to emerge organically? Will brands be able to game the system?

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