Insightful Innovators

Aarón Escobar

MKT Science Sr. Specialist

Tigo Guatemala

Winner 2024

Aarón Escobar

What is your job title? How do you use social listening in your work?

Marketing Science Senior Specialist at Tigo Guatemala. Tigo started with social listening a few years ago, at first we used it to classify customer inquiries on the e-care and customer service segment. After 8 years of development, we’re using social listening in different ways. A few examples of them are customer understanding, product development, brand health, competence analysis, crisis management, campaign measurement and content marketing. 

What’s your background? How did you get into social listening?

I started my career in social listening back in 2015 in the media agency Publicis One. It was a challenge to me since I always thought of myself as a creative and not as an analytical person. We used to make data analysis through social listening in order to understand customer needs and behavior.

What’s been the project you’ve been most proud to work on?

Tigo held the exclusive rights to broadcast the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup, while we faced the challenge of increasing the sales of paid TV packages and enhancing the positive sentiment of the brand. Using social listening, we analyzed the tastes and preferences of Guatemalans and created a character that embodied the essence of a soccer fan's World Cup experience. Known as "El 12," this character served as Tigo's spokesperson throughout the tournament. We created daily real-time content for social media based on the conversation surrounding the World Cup in Guatemala. Leveraging insights gleaned from social listening, we personified our brand. The campaign surpassed its sales objectives, enhanced brand sentiment, and earned recognition from the Effie Awards as the best interactive campaigns.

What’s the biggest misconception about your work?

Some people who don't know about Social Listening and Data Analytics, think my work is about measuring volume of mentions on social media about a topic, or just measuring brand sentiment. They don’t realize the power of the insights that can be generated with social listening.

Any nightmare clients? Why? (No names)

I used to have a client who didn’t believe in social listening data, they were used to traditional research methods and were skeptical about data analysis. It took a while to convince them that social listening was based on real customer perceptions, we showed them real-time data that matched their own business results and after several months they were finally convinced.

Who has made a lasting impression on you? Any SI heroes?

My former boss, José Guzmán, has been an inspiration for me since he believed in me when I was starting my career. There are so many people who have taught me a lot over the years like Nancy, Rodrigo, Luis and Andrés. I would also like to mention María del Carmen who's an example of perseverance and never giving up.

How do you think the social intelligence industry will evolve in the next few years? 

The SI industry is evolving day by day. In the near future I see technology taking over most of the operational functions and people focusing more on insights and data analysis. Technology will increasingly allow us to understand the consumer, the market, and trends in a more direct and personalized way to meet the needs we may have.

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