DEMO: Values and your brand voice on social with Pluralytics

Session Details

In this Live Demo, we are joined by Pluralytics who will share more on how they can help you speak in your brand voice.

Values and your brand voice on social.
Why alignment is an imperative for engagement.

New research from Google Cloud and Harris Poll tells us that 82% of shoppers want a brand’s values to align with their own. Today social media marketers must be certain that the language of values that will connect with customers is a consistent driver in messaging across platforms. If an organization’s messaging must have strong links to brand identity and to values in order to be successful, what are the language signals that will drive values alignment, brand connection, and engagement? Alisa Miller, Co-founder and CEO of the language intelligence platform Pluralytics, discusses how their ground-breaking AI illuminates powerful insights on language to help marketers, communicators, and content creators connect positively with people’s underlying values.  Ms. Miller will walk through examples of how brand consistency and values-connection deepen engagement and drive performance.  

*About Pluralytics: Almost every word conveys values. Your customers are expressing their values with their wallets and it’s hard to keep up in your communications. This isn’t about one time conversion, it’s about relationships, consistency and many conversions over time. From strategic brand positioning to ensuring your daily marketing and communications connect every time, we use science to close the gap between your language and your audience to increase performance.


Alisa Miller