A Deep Dive into the First Social Media Listening Assistant Powered by Chat

Date & Time (GMT):
May 18, 2023 4:30 PM
Date & Time (EST):

Want an easier, faster way to understand what’s happening with your social listening data? Looking for an extra hand to quickly summarise the context of what’s going on behind your charts?

In this very special LinkedIn Live, join me as I chat with Alex Orap, Founder, and Jenya Terpil, Head of AI from YouScan to talk more about their latest innovation Insights Copilot. Insights Copilot is the very first social media listening assistant powered by ChatpGPT and is set to shake up how we can ask and answer questions in social listening.

Join us as we find out more and start to ask Insights Copilot some questions… We’ll explore:

✅ Why asking questions is the future of social listening and how Insights Copilot works.
✅ The use cases where Insights Copilot can make a significant impact and the tasks it can help eliminate.
✅ The initial feedback from customers and whether it has received approval from industry experts following evaluation.

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