May 17, 2023

[Interview] Alex Nikolov, YouScan: Making the Case for Analysing Visual Social Data

Date & Time (GMT):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM
Date & Time (EST):
May 17, 2023 12:47 PM

Who are you and what are you doing at Demo Day?

My name is Alex Nikolov, and I am an Enterprise Account Executive for the UK. I will demonstrate how to see up to 80% more mentions on social media using YouScan's award-winning Visual Insights.

Who should come to check you out?

Brands and agencies that are interested in finding actionable insights about their customers, tracking brand reputation, choosing right influencers, and seeing real consumption situations based on unbiased data in social media.

Why is now the time to be investing in social intelligence (and your solution!)?

The Coronavirus outbreak showed us the real importance of social media. Aссording to KalaGato, average time spent on Facebook and Instagram went up by 62% between February 5 and March 29, which proves that social media data contains now even more insights than ever before. Social intelligence tools, like YouScan, allow you to see how the current situation influences consumer behavior and what impact it will have on your business.

What one word sums up your business?

Good question. I prefer the word 'customer,' as we always keep the end customer in mind while creating new features.

The mission of YouScan is to help companies improve by listening to their customers online and understanding what they love, hate, or even don't care about. That's what we feel is the most important to think about, even in B2B scope.

What's the best use case(s) for your technology?

YouScan can be used by different departments, as social media provides insights not only for marketing teams. For example, users can rapidly react to crises, track their competitors, understand their brand positioning, improve customer experience, find the right influencers, do comprehensive research, and create stunning marketing campaigns. Our image recognition technology creates even more use cases. It can be used to understand buyer persona, measure sponsorship ROI, detect risky contents and fakes, and see the most common consumption situations.

What makes your technology and/or approach unique? What's your USP?

We are really proud of our AI-powered image recognition technology, which opens new frontiers in social media monitoring. According to recent studies, companies miss up to 80% mentions by not being able to collect and monitor visual content. That's why we decided to come up with our Visual Insights that recognize logos, objects, text (OCR), and scenes. Not only our customers see the benefits of Visual Insights - it was recognized as a Visual Analysis Category Winner in Martech-Challenges by Saas Advisor.

What's the best thing about working in social intelligence?

Always something new to discover. This is a fast-moving industry, and innovation is a must to keep up with demand.

Join Alex for YouScan’s demo at the Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day, see our full agenda here. Social Intelligence Tech Demo Day is run by The Social Intelligence Lab to help social data professionals see behind the tools and tech, receive expert advice on how to compare and choose technologies, and receive demos in a no pressure sales environment. Join us, for free.

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