February 15, 2024

See, hear, and feel the social pulse: deeper insights on social listening with Gen AI

Date & Time (GMT):
February 15, 2024 4:30 PM
Date & Time (EST):
February 15, 2024 11:30 AM

Over 70% of social media content is image and video-based. That’s wild – more visuals than words. With social listening mostly falling into the text-focused bucket, how are you handling image and video analysis from the millions of posts generated online every day?

Is your social listening strategy really keeping up with visual analysis? What about insights from inside the video, not just the caption?

If you want to do more with images and videos in 2024, this webinar is your chance to get your social listening strategy back on track. We’re going to step into the era of Generative AI and get untapped insights from social data – even in images and video.

HaiX AI, along with a few of their clients, will show us the power of Gen AI in social listening. You’ll be treated to some insights from trends, sentiment analysis, and influencers – all beyond the conventional metrics you’re used to. We’ve got that privacy thing covered too – learn more about how you can keep your data safe and exclusively yours when using Gen AI.

By joining us for an hour, you’ll walk away with:

👉 Knowing what’s possible with image and video listening in 2024. Better still, you’ll know what insights and metrics will come from the analysis.

👉 Insight into how Gen AI can enhance text-based social listening, so you can keep on improving your analysis outputs this year.

👉 An understanding of HaiX AI’s Insights to Linkedin and Tiktok, along with other Social Media like, Instagram, Meta, X, YouTube, Reddit, Discord. What the Insights looks like for your social strategy.

👉 Knowledge of the difference between private Gen AI and general LLMs and why it matters to your data privacy moving forward. All the knowledge you need to make Gen AI work for your social listening efforts, safely.

Our webinars have the best experience when you attend live. But, if you’ve got a conflict in your diary, register anyway and we’ll send the playback after the event.

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