June 1, 2023

What's next in social intelligence?

Date & Time (GMT):
June 1, 2023 9:59 AM
Date & Time (EST):
June 1, 2023 9:59 AM

Over the past few years, organisations have been forced to adapt their insight generation processes to keep up with changing online consumer behaviour, particularly with the rise of video-first platforms such as TikTok. Social intelligence has quickly become an important method to track and analyse this. As a result, we’ve seen a growth in specialist social listening teams which looks set to continue*.

These high volumes of social and internet data that are now available in different formats across multiple channels has raised challenges for teams looking to understand their customers better, because traditional methods to segment audiences – such as by age groups – are no longer as relevant. But, when used the right way, this data can provide new insights into audiences that would otherwise be difficult to come by.

Join us for a panel discussion in collaboration with Capture Intelligence to explore ways to overcome current challenges by using social and internet data more intelligently. We’ll be discussing how social intelligence teams can:

✅  Find new ways to segmenting and analysing audience groups
✅  Explore alternative methods of using technology to unearth insights
✅  Extract insights from non-text data quicker and more effectively
✅  Better communicate the value of social data analysis compared to other research methods
✅  Assess how data access might change in future and what they need to do to keep up (hello Metaverse)

Our Dr Jillian Ney will host an expert panel including, Justin Schoen, Group Manager, Social Intelligence Practice, Microsoft; Jasmin Fischer, SVP Research & Insights, Capture Intelligence; Frank Gregory, Senior Social Media Operations & Research Analyst, USAA; and Karen Vega-Porcelli, Vice President, Audience Impact & Intelligence – Marketing and Operations, Paramount.

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