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Recognising the most influential people in social intelligence, globally.

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A Career Defining Moment

Every year, we celebrate the people leading the development of the social intelligence industry. We’re talking about the leaders, innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and rising stars making an impact and shaping the future of social intelligence.

With hundreds of the industry’s best and brightest global stars joining the virtual reveal event, making the list is a highly coveted honour.


The SI Insider 50 seeks to recognise the people who are shaping the future of social intelligence, globally. There are five categories for you to nominate against.

Bold Brands

This category recognises outstanding leaders working for brands who have made significant contributions to improving their organisation's social intelligence capabilities. These individuals are skilled practitioners who skilfully utilise social and internet data to bring value to their organisations and create an atmosphere that promotes success in the industry.


This category recognises the remarkable individuals who have made a lasting impression on the industry. With their innovative ideas, captivating speeches, valuable contributions to industry research, and ability to shape conversations and influence the direction of the social intelligence industry, they have truly made a significant impact.

Insightful Innovators

This category recognises exceptional individuals working for service providers who are passionately pushing the boundaries of innovation, nurturing growth, and pioneering the field of social intelligence. They serve as the dynamic driving force behind their organisation, their clients, and the industry as a whole.

Tech Pioneers

This category is a celebration of the outstanding individuals who work for technology vendors. They are dedicated to thinking outside the box and paving the path for new approaches and driving innovation throughout the business, industry and with their users.

Rising Stars

This category recognises the up-and-coming leaders in the industry who have the potential to make a profound impact on social intelligence in the years to come. We applaud their potential to become future trailblazers in the field. To be considered in this category the nominee must have less than 4 years experience in their career.

Our Winners

To be in the Social Intelligence Insider 50 is an honour. Discover the world's most influential leaders in and around the social listening industry.

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Meet our previous winners

Melissa MacGregor

Melissa MacGregor is our top social intelligence professional of 2024. Read more about her career here.

Desiree Nattell

Desiree Nattell was our top social intelligence professional in 2023. Read more about her career journey here.

Christopher Chen

Chris Chen was our top Social Intelligence Insider 50 in 2022. Find out more about his career journey.
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Hall of Fame

New for 2024, the Hall of Fame. Discover the people leading the pack in social listening. Hall of Fame winners have been recognised in the Social Intelligence Insider 50 three times.

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