June 5, 2023

[Event] Round-Up of #SMLDay Moscow

Date & Time (GMT):
May 29, 2023 7:15 AM
Date & Time (EST):
June 5, 2023 7:15 AM

On September 23rd, YouScan hosted more than 400 experts gathered in the Golden Palace Hall, Moscow to discuss strategy, analytics, and insights on social media. The first-ever Social Media Listening Day in the region shared the best cases of using social media data in business.

YouScan: Social Media Analytics Market In Russia

Opening the conference, YouScan’s COO & Co-Founder Alexander Sirach and VP of Customer Success Katerina Gordienko told how social media analytics began 10 years ago and what awaits us in the future of social media analytics.

Yandex: Analysing Posts to Find the Ones You Need to Answer

Dmitry Naumovets, head of social media communication at Yandex, told us how to analyze tens of thousands of posts about your company in 15 minutes and find the ones you need to answer. Dmitry offered his checklist of questions that need to be answered to develop the right strategy:

● How to sort and mark out thousands of social media mentions in real-time?
● What posts and comments should be processed in the first place?
● How to quickly scale resources and maintain the speed of mention processing during newsbreaks?
● How to find social media publications posted in closed groups or accessible only to “friends”?

Sidorin Lab: Brand Protection and Information Attacks

The founder and leader of Sidorin Lab, Dmitry Sidorin, told us about the types and signs of information attacks and how to protect the brand. Insights included:

● Configure a monitoring system.
● Record drastic changes in the authors’ geography (especially, the emergence of other countries).
● Fix the sharp increase in publication on the sites you are interested in.
● Report the disappearance of negative posts.
● Fix the emergence of new tips in search systems.
● Fix the emergence of bots.

Avito: How to Build Marketing and Product on User Insights

Daria Kasyanova, social media analyst at Avito, explained how to build marketing and product based on user insights. With Daria, we discussed in detail the drivers (why customers use a product) and the barriers (what prevents the use of a product), conscious consumption and user stories.

The beauty of monitoring social networks is that you can quickly collect a bunch of data on absolutely any topic. No survey has acquired such proportions. The hardest part is to correctly interpret this data, which is what YouScan is working on. But even when you learn everything about your audience and find all the insights, do not forget about the main thing – implement solutions based on these findings into your work.
  • – Commented Daria Kasyanova, Social Media Analyst, Avito

Publicis: Love, Social Media, and Robots

Analytics & Insights Director Lilia Musina and Head of Advanced Analytics Mikhail Stepnov from Publicis Media talked about how to boost social media analytics using machine learning. They also explained why the synergy of people and machine provides a better result than each of them individually.

Now for an effective search for microtrends and insights it is not enough to conduct a superficial manual analysis or put forwards hypotheses without checking and digitising them on a larget data set. The use of custom machine learning technologies can make analytics processes more productive and faster.
  • – Commented Liliys Musina, Analytics and Insights Director, Publicis Media

Wavemaker: Hangover, eSports, and Diet

Wavemaker, Irina Syagina, Senior Insight Specialist, and Liubov Serkova, Head of Journey Design told us what Social Media Listening can tell about fast food and how it helps businesses.

“Today, more and more brands are moving away from searching and analysing their target audiences by social and demographic parameters — gender, age, budget; companies rather unite their consumers by situations of consumption. However, the search for these consumption situations can be difficult solely with the help of a classic research toolset.

Social Media Listening (SML) comes to the rescue: they allow for searching for insights based on authentic information where the analysis is possible both on a qualitative and quantitative level. More and more customers are contacting us with the tasks that cannot be solved with a simple ad-hoc survey or industry data, which require utilising SML system.”

— Commented Irina Syagina, Senior Insight Specialist at Wavemaker.

Ipsos: How Social Intelligence and Unstructured Text Analysis Changes Market Research

Pavel Lebedev, Head of SMX (Social Media Exchange) practice at Ipsos, explained how Social Intelligence and analysis of unstructured texts are changing marketing research.

“As a marketing research market leader, Ipsos considers it to be very important to understand what is happening to our consumers on social networks, what content they consume, what kind of advertising they watch, what goods they buy. And most importantly —  why?

In addition, the content that is produced by users in social media is a storehouse of information about a wide variety of markets, about what excites consumers here and now. While developing the direction of Social Intelligence and Analytics, we at Ipsos understand that new methods of consumer understanding will develop as well, they’ll gain popularity and change the market of marketing research. This is already happening both on the global market and in Russia.

At the same time, data from social media have their own characteristics, which must be taken into account when processing and analysing them, but most importantly, when providing recommendations based on them. For example, we know that not all people actively write on social media, and the opinion of the writers does not necessarily coincide with the opinion of the silent people.

Another nuance: in a certain sense, we are hostages of the data and metrics that social media platforms give us. We are already used to the fact that there is an audience engagement metric, a significant contribution to which is “likes”. But social media platforms are already actively discussing the possibility of abandoning likes. Whether we want it or not, the essence of the metric can change. An even more complicated question is what is really hidden behind this “like” and whether one like can really be considered equal to another.

  • – Commented Pavel Lebedev, Head of SMX (Social Media Exchange) practice at Ipsos.

MediaCom: One and a Half Digger

MediaCom is known for its unusual reports, and they did not disappoint with their analysis during Social Media Listening Day. Natalia Baluta, Head of Knowledge, and Anastasia Koroleva, Head of Strategy and Thought Leadership Group showed how social media monitoring can be used in business and shared the best cases.

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